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      X5105 HF Transceiver



      Field of application: HF/50MHz Transceiver

      • Description
      • Parameter

      X5105 is a complete "grab and go" station in a ruggedly-stylish compact enclosure.

      Go ahead, pick it up! Fits comfortably in your hand, yet it delivers all the powerhouse features normally reserved for a full-sized HF transceiver.

      Going on a trip? Leave the accessory bag at home -- everything you need is already built in. Just toss up an antenna and you're on the air!

      Here are some of the X5105's advanced features:

      ? Large back-lit multi-function LCD display screen

      ? Transmit on all bands, 160 through 6 meters including 5 MHz

      ? Receive with gap-free coverage from 500 kHz to 54 MHz

      ? Operate on all modes (USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, and Digital)

      ? Selectable IF bandwidth (500-Hz CW, 2.4-kHz SSB, 6-kHz AM)

      ? Built-in DSP, noise blanker, and notch filter to suppress interference

      ? Robust 600-mW AF-output with high-pass and low-pass audio EQ

      ? Deluxe multi-function keypad-microphone included

      ? Low-profile controls, heat sink, and desktop stand all built in

      ? Powerful 3800-mAh battery for extended "off-the-grid" operation

      ? More antenna choices using the built-in auto-tuner (ATU)

      ? Scan-feature displays band activity and plots antenna SWR

      ? Built-in Data Modem with CAR and AFC tracking, onscreen display

      ? Built-in auto-keyer with three memory channels plus CW trainer

      ? Adjustable SSB with speech-processing compressor

      ? Regular firmware updates are free, on line, any time

      ? Compact: 6-5/8Wx3-5/8Hx1-7/8D”, weighs 2.1 pounds with battery X5105 comes with features other manufacturers miss, like back-lit lowprofile control switches      conveniently spaced for adult-sized fingers, and a highly-visible 3.6-inch back-lit LCD that

      displays all aspects of it's operation. 

      Even the VFO is different, with a unique counter-sunk tuning knob and an unusually wide range of tuning rates (you even get velvet-smooth 1-Hz stepping to lock in data signals). 

      DX splits are easy to set up, and the wide-range RIT has a precision digital readout for surveying adjacent channels.

      Transmit power is adjustable from 0.5 to 5.0 Watts in calibrated half-Watt increments, perfect for operating QRP, running miles-per-watt tests, or setting the correct drive level for an external amplifier.

      You even get a built-in data modem with both CAR (carrier) and AFC (frequency) tracking -- plus an onscreen spectrum display. And, when on the road, you can leave your antenna analyzer home because the X5105 plots SWR graphically. Add the wide-range impedance-matching capability of the built-in ATU, and the X5105 can put you on the map from virtually any location.

      When receive conditions get rough,the X5105 comes with a powerful toolbox for cutting interference and pulling stations in. There's a sensitive pre-amp to boost weak signals, a front-end attenuator to reduce overload, noise blanking (NB) for impulse noise, digital noise reduction (DNR) for atmospheric noise, variable notch filtering (NF) for pesky heterodynes, adjustable AGCRate (AGC), built-in CW filter, plus variable high-pass and low-pass audio-EQ filtering. And lots of spare audio-output power for driving an external speaker.

      In transmit, CW contesting is a breeze! Get variable-speed automatic keying, plus three programmable message channels. For SSB contesting, theadjustable speech processor scores extra points. Deluxe electret keypad microphone places the radio's advanced features at your fingertips. A mic is also built-into for walkie-talkie operation.

      Power the X5105 from any regulated 9-15 volt 3-amp DC source or go "off grid" for up to 8 hours using the powerful built-in 3800-mAh Lithium-ion battery pack. Charging is simple because the radio's power-management circuitry continuously monitors battery condition and fully controls the recharge cycle.

      Factory tested, complies with FCC rules, and has one year warranty.

      General parameters

      Frequency   range:





      160m6m Amateur   radio band only

      Transmit   mode:

      A1A(CW),A3E(AM), J3E(USB/LSB), F3E(FM)

      Minimum   stepping:


      Antenna   impedance:


      Working   temperature range:

      -10  +50

      Frequency   stability:

      160minutes after   boot is ±4ppm

      @25℃: 1ppm/   hour

      Supply   voltage :

      Normal: 13.8VDC±15%,Negative grounding

      operation: 9.015.0VDC,Negative   grounding

      Current   consumption :

      receive: 600mA@ Max

      launch: 2.5A@ Max

      Battery   capacity :

      3800mAh @12V

      Fuselage   size:

      168*93*47mmWxHxT (excluding   protrusions)


      About 0.94kg (host only)

      Transmitter   parameters

      RF   output power:

      5W(SSB/CW/FM)1.5W(AM signal   carrier)  @13.8VDC

      Modulation   type:

      SSB: balanced modulation

      AM: Low level amplitude modulation

      FM: Variable reactance frequency   modulation

      FM maximum frequency offset:


      Stray radiation :


      Carrier suppression :


      Sideband stray:


      SSB frequency response:


      Microphone impedance:

      20010kroutine   600Ω

      Receiver parameters

      Circuit type:

      Secondary frequency conversion   superheterodyne +audio frequency DSP


      First IF:70.455MHz

      Second IF:10.695MHz

      Third IF:455kHzNFM


      (PRE=on, ATT=off, NB=off, NR=off, SSB/CW/AM = 10dB S/N, FM = 12dB SINAD)

      Mirror suppression degree :


      IF Inhibition degree :



      SSB:  -6dB:2.4kHz/-60dB:4.6kHz

      CW:   -6dB:500Hz/-60dB:2000Hz

      AM:  -6dB:6.0kHz/-60dB:25.0kHz

      FM:   -6dB:12.0kHz/-60dB:25.0kHz


      Audio output: 0.6W 8Ω,≤10% THD

      Audio output impedance:  416Ω


      u   The above specifications may be adjusted without notice.

      u   The frequency range of transceiver will vary according to the machine version.  Please consult the dealer for details.

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