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      CE-19 data adapter


      Speciality:Facilitating user access to PC or other data terminals, modems and so on.

      Field of application:

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      The CE-19 data interface extension unit is suitable for extending the ACC port of X5105 or G90 to facilitate user access to PC or other data terminals, modems and so on. The expansion unit extends the MINI-DIN8 interface to the commonly used 3.5mm stereo socket and extends the MINI-DIN6 interface for the XPA125 interface independently, which is convenient for users to use.

      Details are as follows (Take X5105 as an example).

      1.   The role of the switch

      As shown in Figure 1, there is a switch on the expansion unit, which is a switch of 8V DC and ALC voltage.
      The default location is off, not connected to the expansion interface 6PIN-MIDINI (connect XPA125 interface).
      If you need these two signals, you can adjust the switch to the ON position.(
      Note: Do not turn on this switch on when connected to the X5105.)

      PTT CON-       PTT signal / BAND signal output port, the port PTT signal completely isolated with the   host, providing linkage with the host "low" trigger.

      6PIN-MINIDIN-     XPA125 dedicated interface
      AF CON-                Audio input / output port. The audio output from this port is directly output after demodulation, no filter.
      DATA CON-      Data output port. The audio output from this port passes through the active filter in the machine. The two terminals of this port are parallel, the output signal are the same.

      l  The definition of each extended port is the same as that of the corresponding port of the ACC port of the X5105 host. See the X5105 manual.

      l  The definition of terminal expansion port, please refer to the expansion card surface indication information.

      l  When used for amateur radio data communication, audio input / output connect the AF CON interface.

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